Multifunctional centres of Tatarstan start submitting applications for real estate title registration in other regions

12 July 2021, Monday

Tatarstan residents can now issue real estate extraterritorially, that is, regardless of the location of the property, in any of the 60 Multifunctional centres in the republic.

Previously, applications for cadastral registration of real estate properties and registration of property rights were accepted by only three offices of the Cadastral Chamber in the republic: in Kazan, Almetyevsk and Nizhnekamsk.

Since the beginning of the current year, they have submitted more than 3,500 applications for registration of property rights in other regions.

Now the service has become more geographically available. Citizens can remotely register real estate located, for example, in the Crimea or Moscow, in My Documents offices in each region of Tatarstan.

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