July 2022

On July 28, the eighth regional championship under the contest “Digital Breakthrough. Season: artificial intelligence» one of the projects of the presidential platform «Russia - the country of opportunities» was opened.

During a month, participants from all over the country will solve the task from Tatarstan Ministry of Digitalization on the development of a detection model for the de-personalization of objects in the images.

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Championship is an individual contest for developers, where participants will face real challenges that will help the state and business.

By order of Russian Ministry of Sports No. 599, competitions in the “Games of the Future” format were included in the unified calendar plan of physical culture and sports events. They will be held in September and November 2022.

Now the «I Build» platform allows you to apply to the Technical Inventory Bureau for a technical plan for the construction project.

Only four steps are required to receive the service.

The technopark of the ICL Group hosted the second round table of a series of planned events under the Year of Digitalization in Tatarstan. Participants were informed how to quickly launch and implement digital projects and rebuild an existing digital portfolio for successful business transformation.


July 2022

In the Year of Digitalization, Tatarstan launched an increased cashback for all purchases on «Tatarstan State Services» credit card. A cashback amounting to 10 per cent is charged during three months for all goods and services. The card of Tatarstan State Services also allows paying for utility services, taxes, fines and other services in the mobile application «Services of the Republic of Tatarstan» or on Tatarstan State Services Portal without commission. 

July 2022

MTS telecommunication company acquired a majority stake in the Webinar group of companies (brands Webinar Meetings,, We.Study, COMDI), the largest Russian developer of solutions for video meetings, webinars and virtual events. The domestic platform will allow Tatarstan entrepreneurs and government agencies to hold online meetings, organize remote corporate training or launch an online school.

July 2022

The press service of International Competence Centre – the Kazan Technical College of Information Technologies and Communications reports that the second summer shift of technical creativity of the school IT- has come to an end.

The programme will help start-ups to implement ideas and develop products that improve the life of business. Young teams with an idea and a ready evaluation of time-to-market solutions and experienced entrepreneurs with ready MVP and first sales are invited to participate in the accelerator. 

July 2022

On July 21, the Udmurt republic hosted the third regional championship of the contest “Digital Breakthrough. Season: artificial intelligence”, one of the projects of the presidential platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities”. The top 15 participants included Pavel Belov from Tatarstan.

To pay for mobile communication on Tatarstan State Services Portal, it is necessary to choose a telecom operator, enter a phone number and indicate the amount of deposit.

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