Ayrat Khayrullin delivers a lecture on the digitization of Tatarstan to the delegation of the Government of the Tula region

23 April 2021, Friday

On April 23, at the University of Innopolis, Tatarstan Minister of Digitalization of Tatarstan Ayrat Khayrullin delivered a lecture on digital processes of Tatarstan to the delegation of the Government of the Tula Region, which is undergoing training under the Digital Technologies in Public Administration programme. A total of 31 people attended the lecture.

Khayrullin informed about the overall level of digital development of the republic and said that Tatarstan ranks second in the Digital Russia Region Index (Skolkovo Research, 2019). In total, the IT industry employs 3.3 per cent of residents of the republic.

The Minister also spoke about the training of the IT personnel and the work that is currently being done in Tatarstan to increase the number of graduates with digital competencies.

Khayrullin informed about the priority areas in which digital Tatarstan is developing today: modernization of the regional Portal of State Services, e-document management system, Unified centralized accounting; transfer of public services to e-form, work with CDTO, etc. He introduced new programmes - "Kityk" and "Become an Online Entrepreneur" and digital solutions of the republic created during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tatarstan Minister also briefed about the Digital Transformation Centre, the only IT company in the state structure that develops useful digital products for residents, namely, «I am a Schoolchild», «I build», «My subsidies», «Care», «Locolo», Data Factory, Lilia Phone Robot digital platforms.

At the end of the lecture, Khayrullin emphasized that he was pleased to speak to colleagues from the Tula region and to answer questions.

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