IT Park participates in the campaign "Save a life - become a bone marrow donor!"

20 February 2021, Saturday

On February 25, at 11:00, at the technopark in the sphere of high technologies IT-park at Tochka Kipeniya-Kazan venue of collective work, a lecture “On the importance of National Register of Bone Marrow Donors named after Vasya Perevoshchikov” will be held.

Why is it important?

Over 18,000 bone marrow transplant operations are held annually in Russia to save people from cancer, hematological and various genetic diseases. But the real need for this procedure is much greater. The main constraint is the lack of potential bone marrow donors.

Genotyping for the National Register of Bone Marrow Donors is carried out in a modern genetic laboratory established with the support of Rusfond at the Kazan Federal University.

All over the world, bone marrow donation is free, voluntary and anonymous.

On February 25, after the lecture, anyone can give a sample (buccal epithelium) free of charge to the National Register, the acceptance of samples is carried out by the project organizer.

From February 25 to March 4, at the medical offices of INVITRO in Kazan, all potential donors (when donating 3.5 ml of blood from a vein) are provided with a 15 per cent discount on all tests  under the code word “I want to the register ". It is necessary to have a passport with you. It is important: it is necessary to register to attend the lecture. You can also join the lecture online.

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