Schoolchildren from Tatarstan informed about cybersecurity at the "Lesson of Digit"

19 February 2021, Friday

On February 19, at the multidisciplinary lyceum number 186 – Perspectiva, Deputy Minister of Digitalization Albert Yakovlev held the All-Russian Lesson of Digit on data security in the Internet and informed  how to confront cybercriminals.

During the lesson, Deputy Minister informed about the main rules of "digital hygiene". He emphasized that along with the increasing penetration of digital technologies into the everyday life, the issues of personal data protection are becoming increasingly relevant.

The deputy minister introduced the terms "privacy" and "oversharing" and told how personal information gets on the Internet, what an attacker can do with this data, and how to prevent criminals from obtaining personal information.

Yakovlev also gave advice on what information could and should not be placed on the social media profiles. For example, you can share your hobbies, but do not publish your phone number or address.

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