In Tatarstan, during the pandemic, the popularity of online shopping of clothes increased 7 times

18 November 2020, Wednesday

MTS Bank studied how the preferences of residents of the republic for online purchases changed in October 2020 compared to the same period last year. The year 2020 introduced significant changes in the consumption habits of the region’s residents and business operations.

Since this spring, many large companies and small enterprises have reoriented their sales channels: online transactions have grown significantly in the categories where offline sales previously dominated.

And the introduction of new restrictive measures in early October again prompted consumers to return to online purchases after summer breaks.

Clothing and accessories stores showed the largest growth in online sales. In October 2020, compared to last year, the number of transactions increased by 6.9 times, and the average check decreased by 2 times (to 2,145 roubles).

Cosmetics ranks second in increasing the number of online sales. In October the growth in this category amounted to 4.6 times year-on-year, the average check for payment decreased by 24 per cent. Sports goods showed an increase of 4.2 times, the growth of the average check was 10 per cent.

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