Airat Khairullin holds the first meeting of the subgroup of Russian State Council “Digital Municipality”

27 September 2019, Friday

On September 27, at the Kazan Expo International Exhibition Centre, Chairman of subgroup - Tatarstan Minister of Digitalization of Public Administration, Information Technologies and Communications Airat Khairullin held the first meeting of the Digital Municipality subgroup of the working group of the Russian State Council “Communication, Connection, Digital Economy”.

Khairullin said that the main task of the subgroup is to improve the quality and standard of living in each municipality using digital technologies. It is necessary to establish the concept of a digital municipality, analyze the experience of the regions and choose the best practice and formulate proposals for updating the legislative base.

During the work, the subgroup will develop such services that will positively affect the indicators of the level and quality of citizens’ life.

During the meeting, the participants of the subgroup supervising the digitalization in the Russian regions proposed a number of ideas on the concept of a digital municipality. The proposals touched upon the development of communication infrastructure in small towns, the establishment of “recreation areas” for people from the Internet, and the increase of the security of their personal data.

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