The Innopolis project involves the creation of a new city. The new city is designed to bring together young highly qualified specialists from all over the country, thus strengthening the innovative capacity of the Russian Federation.

The prospective population of Innopolis is 155 000 people, of which 60 000 will be highly qualified specialists. Innopolis will be a smart city with an extensive business infrastructure (technology parks, development centers, etc.), Russia's first IT University (in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, USA), a full range of social and commercial infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, etc.) and accommodating a diverse social spectrum (from multi-family houses to townhouses and cottages), most of which will be provided to employees of the resident companies for rent with the right to purchase.

Start of construction of the project – 09.06.2012                                   

The first intake of the IT University will be in September 2013.

The first stage of construction of Innopolis (infrastructure for living and working of around 5 000 people) will be completed in August 2014.


Create the opportunities for economic growth through information technologies, improving the welfare of the nation and the creation of a highly professional and intellectual society.


Attract the best IT professionals to create innovative products in the field of information technology, and the best IT Education center in the country.

Learn, live, work, relax

The Basic principle of Innopolis is to create an environment of comfortable living and working in the best companies, with the coexistence of a great recreation and educational environment.

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