The Republic of Tatarstan completed the construction of IT-park, high -technology technopark, in October 2009. In the Russian Federation IT-park has become the first technopark to propel and develop IT entrepreneurships. The network of IT-park was built within the State program “High Technology Technoparks Creation in the RF” implemented by the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.

IT-park is one of the two high -technology technoparks in Kazan. Technopolis “Himgrad” is the second site for developing domestic production of small and medium-size innovative high-tech companies in the sphere of chemistry and polymer processing.

Complex of buildings with total area of 30 000 m² was built and partially reconstructed in the context of the project “IT-park” in the centre of Kazan city. Estimated cost of the project made 2,9 bln roubles, including:

- 1,3 bln roubles – federal funds
- 1,6 bln roubles – republican funds

IT-park is located close to Kazan universities of federal and regional significance including:

- Volga federal university
- National research university on the basis of Kazan state technical university
- National research university on the basis of Kazan state technological university

Universiade – 2013 Village that will become a student campus for 15 000 places is located 7 km distant from IT-park. International airport “Kazan” is situated 22 km away.

IT-park is a complex with up-to-date technical infrastructure to provide the most favorable conditions for start-up or developing IT-companies upon planning, creation and market launch of a new high-tech product.

IT-park infrastructure:

• open-space offices with total capacity about 12 thousand sq. m on the 2-4 floors of the Business center;
• Business incubator;
• conference hall with 250 seats;
• press center with 80 seats;
• 6 meeting rooms from 25 to 40 sq. m;
• bank branch;
• post office;
• coffee bar for 30 seats;
• café with 90 seats;
• canteen with 120 seats;
• printing center;
• call center;
• business hotel with 65 rooms;
• call-center;
• ground and underground parking;

A Data center of high fail-safe level on the 5th floor is a special component of IT-park infrastructure. It comprises:

- the area of state information systems and resources – 250 m²
- the area of servers of resident companies – 750 m²
- 2,5 MW of guaranteed energy supply from two independent sources
- More than 10 connections of integrated and local Internet providers with speed of 1-10 Gbps
- Diesel generators

IT-park provides necessary set of services for IT-companies which enables saving expenses for basic infrastructure and start developing as quickly as possible.

The managing company of IT-park is directly interested in development of resident companies, takes an active part in promoting residents and establishing interaction between all members of high-tech process.

Development of domestic software including the sphere of “electronic government” and “electronic state services” is the main activity of resident companies.

Among innovative solutions of Tatarstan IT-companies located in IT-park are the following:

- The system of electronic documents circulation
- Infomat for rendering state services in electronic format
- The system for coordinating activity of emergency services GLONASS+112

The mentioned solutions are being developed in the context of work of a Governmental commission on implementation of information and communication technologies in state and municipal authorities under the chairmanship of Deputy chairman of RF Government – Head of RF Government Staff S.S.Sobyanin.

Having such specialization and infrastructure Kazan IT-park is considered to be the IT-center of the whole system of technoparks within the federal program. Integration of efforts and division of production between innovative companies are being realized within the network of technoparks in different Russian regions.

Upon developing a new product in one of technoparks software can be developed in Kazan IT-park while the production process implemented in another region. In this case the data center of Kazan IT-park becomes a shared resource for the whole federal network of technoparks due to its high level of integrated connections.

Today IT-park is completely packed with 31 resident companies with total number of employees – 800 people. The average age of employees is 24, average salary is 1,5 times higher than the average in Republic. A business incubator with total area of 980 m² for 120 working positions opened here in April 2011.
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