April 2021

On April 10-11, under the educational project "Artificial Intelligence: a quick start from scratch", a free online marathon will be held for schoolchildren, students, children from disadvantaged families and children with health limitations.

December 2020

The Commissioner for Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Tatarstan Bulat Zamaliev took part in the All-Russian campaign «Lesson of digits» and informed students of Adymnar polylingual school about the technology of artificial intelligence and neural networks.

November 2020

Under the educational project “Artificial Intelligence: a quick start from scratch”, Kazan experts conducted research in Tatarstan. According to them, the region lacks developments in artificial intelligence and end-to-end technologies and qualified personnel. The organizing committee of the project reports.

July 2020

Artificial intelligence technology for the recognition of thorax pathologies from computed tomography scans will be introduced in two more medical institutions of the republic. The new development will appear in the City Clinical Hospital № 7 and in the Regional Oncological Dispensary.

May 2020

Bulat Zamaliev - the winner of the Digital Breakthrough hackathon, the creator of the Digital Village project and the Forbes 30 of 30 nominee, authorized for artificial intelligence technologies in Tatarstan, under the Dialogue on an Equals project, will inform about the strategy for the development of artificial intelligence under Digital Economy national project in Tatarstan, the search for new solutions using digital technologies that enhance the socio-economic development of Tatarstan and how to bring your project to one of the most striking Russian startups.

Because of the termination of the digital permit service, the contact centre also changes the format of its work. However, the operators of the hotline will continue to answer questions related to the submitting of applications for unemployment benefits.

April 2020

Tatarstan Ministry of Digitalization developed and launched a telephone robot, which answers residents' questions about coronavirus infection, self-isolation mode and a digital pass system in Tatarstan.

October 2019

On October 2, the largest international event dedicated to digital transformation and the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies and the Internet of things in the work of companies from various sectors of the economy was held in the capital of Tatarstan.

July 2019

On October 1-2, 2019, Kazan will host the 3rd IoT & AI (the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence) World Summit Russia, which will bring together over 3000 delegates and 200 industry experts from 25 countries, in particular the Netherlands, France, Germany, the USA, Norway, Sweden, Israel , the UK, Russia, Turkey and others.

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