Head of Tatarstan Ministry of Digitalization proposes to commemorate the name of the computer creator Bashir Rameev

4 December 2021, Saturday

Tatarstan Minister of Digitalization of Public Administration, Information Technologies and Communications Ayrat Khayrullin proposed to commemorate the name of the creator of one of the first digital electronic computing machine Bashir Rameev.

In August 1948, Rameev together with engineer Isaac Brook presented the first USSR project "Automatic digital e-machine" with a description of the computing-machine circuit, and on December 4, 1948, they received copyright certificate No. 10475 issued by the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for the introduction of advanced technology into the national economy. This historical fact became the reason for the announcement of December 4 the Russian Computer Science Day.

“During the Year of Digitalization - 2022, together with the public of Tatarstan, we will think over and find a form to commemorate the name of the outstanding scientist and inventor Bashir Rameev,” the minister wrote in his Instagram account.

He said that the proposals can be left in the comments under his post and promised that they will be certainly considered.

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