Tatarstan residents can vote for the village that needs 4G in 2022

11 October 2021, Monday

Voting for settlements to be connected to high-speed Internet in 2022 started on the State Services Portal of the Russian Federation. For this purpose a special section with a voting form was launched. For a village and other settlements to be connected to the 4G mobile communication (LTE), it is necessary to vote for them on the State Services Portal until November 15, 2021. All settlements with a population of 100 to 500 people take part in the voting.

In two months, the State Services Portal will publish a list of 2,000 settlements that will be connected to the Internet next year. Since 2014, the program of elimination of digital inequality is implemented by Russian Ministry of Digital Development and Rostelecom Telecommunication Company.

In 2021, a decision on modernization universal communication services and adoptation the modern standard 4G (LTE), helping residents of settlements to access the Internet and telephone services was taken.

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