At the Lesson of Digit schoolchildren to learn how unmanned cars “see” the world

3 March 2021, Wednesday

From March 10 to March 28, the Lesson of Digit on Unmanned transport theme will be held in the schools of the country.

Yandex experts prepared a new lesson of the All-Russian campaign. Students and teachers will have a chance “to look under the hood” of the unmanned car and understand the principles of its work.

The lesson is aimed at teaching students of grades 1-11 about unmanned car technologies and processes that allow the car to build an efficient and safe route.

Yandex specialists will share their development experience and analyze step by step the principles of autonomous transport work, using the example of data from real cars. The lesson consists of videos with explanations and interactive simulators to consolidate knowledge. All materials will be available on the website uroktsifry.rf.

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