How to send a parcel correctly: Russian Post gives the main advice

20 November 2020, Friday

On the eve of the New Year season, Russian Post reminds Tatarstan citizens how to properly pack and send a parcel to please the recipient.

For small items, it is recommended to pack them in an envelope, a plastic bag or a tight paper, bandaging or sealing the wrapper. Heavy and large items should be sent in a box, bag or covered with dense tissue.

The package shall be strong, preventing access to the contents of the package. The free space in the box is filled with paper, foam or other filler.

Envelopes, boxes and other packaging materials are available for purchase at post offices.

Postage without queue can be processed and paid online on the Russian Post official website. The client needs to pack the parcel, print and stick a form, which already has a tracking number, and take it to any post office within 72 hours. Packages processed on the portal will be accepted immediately, regardless of the number of clients in the room - you simply have to deliver the package to the operator.

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