Unified emergency system GLONASS+112

The system “GLONASS+112” is a complex solution which enables combining all emergency services of the region in one unified information system.

The innovative and competitive advantage of the project is integration of the following functions in one software product: reception of phone calls, dispatching of emergency cards, digital cartographic base, satellite images of high resolution, and monitoring of workforce and means via “GLONASS” navigation system.

The main idea of the project is quick response to a threat or emergency situation via unified navigation system. Upon getting into trouble or willing to help injured person anyone can dial 112 on a mobile phone, tells approximate coordinates. The dispatcher immediately sends rescue team, ambulance, or the crew of State Traffic Safety Inspectorate to the place of accident.

A very important feature of the project “GLONASS+112” is that we managed to overcome departmental estrangement in terms of information interaction between emergency services. Thus, currently Ministry of the interior, Ministry of emergency situations, and Ministry of health care are working in a single information space.

Key characteristics of “Electronic Tatarstan” project realization:

• Reception of calls by a single emergency number “112” is organized in the context of unified software product “GLONASS+112”
• Monitoring of workforce and means is provided via satellite navigation system “GLONASS”
• Processing of calls received from the injured and routing of calls between units of emergency services are automated within the confines of a unified inter-departmental information environment
• Movement of 100 % school buses and official transport of RT Government is tracked in “GLONASS+112” system

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